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Crime and punishment

RETAIL CRIME: Stonehaven isn’t a high crime area, but the shops and car boot sale do have problems with shoplifting and with forged bank notes from time to time.  Earlier this year, the police put on extra patrols in the town, and it seems to have been effective in dissuading one group from coming here. 

There is nothing for it except constant vigilance.  We are grateful to the Federation of Small Business for providing the following reports and briefings. - First voice business crime article (mostly cyber) – comprehensive 30-page report.  - combating crime – 10 top tips to combat cyber crime – FSB webpage listing goals action and achievements in business crime.

 This last link is for the free event in Inverurie in partnership with the business association and it is probably more targeted towards cyber-crime. Open to members and non-members from anywhere! - Inverurie event link